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The Benefits of Joining Industry Associations

There are various opportunities to join professional associations across a wide variety of industries, and construction is no exception. Both small businesses and large corporations can enjoy the benefits that come with being a member of a construction industry association in San Diego County, CA. The most prominent advantage of belonging to an association is […]

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Motor Vehicle Safety in Residential Construction

If proper safety precautions are not taken, operating motor vehicles has proven to be dangerous in the construction industry. As longtime estate home builders in San Diego County, CA, the team at SUMAC Construction takes it upon itself to adhere to all regulations when traveling to and from residential work sites, but sometimes accidents cannot […]

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Employee Job Satisfaction

It is no secret that the construction industry has a high turnover rate. Having employees who are satisfied with both their job and their employer is necessary to maintaining a strong, cohesive team that stays together. The satisfaction level of an employee has a great influence on the success of a company. How is a […]

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