Technology in the Construction Industry

Too often, people consider the construction industry to be behind the times when it comes to technology. They think the craft of construction is antiquated and hasn’t evolved over the years. However, new trends in construction technology in San Diego County, CA demonstrate how the industry has embraced new gadgets to make its work safer, better and more cost effective.

Predictive analytics

This technology is still developing, but it holds quite a bit of promise. With predictive analytics in construction in San Diego County, CA, contractors have access to data that was previously hard to measure or quantify. Predictive technology looks to the future to highlight any issues with project budgets, employee schedules and safety hazards. This information empowers contractors to address these concerns before they balloon out of control and cost them and their clients more money.

The internet of things

One of the biggest new trends in construction technology in San Diego County, CA, the internet of things (IoT) collects more data than any other system ever before. From smart sensors installed throughout worksites to smart devices worn by crew members, the IoT connects management with every project without requiring them to show up in person. This maximizes efficiency while managers monitor progress and accomplish other tasks.

AI and machine learning

Both the IoT and predictive analytics in construction in San Diego County, CA generate a lot of data that requires analysis and action. That’s where AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning come into play. Integrating these tools into your workflow makes it simple to collate and understand the data collected by IoT and predictive technology. A system that includes all the IoT, predictive analytics, AI and machine learning informs you in real time of exactly what is taking place on every job site you manage.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

For decades, many associated this technology with video gaming. However, there are practical applications for both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in the construction industry.

Previously, architects and contractors relied on hand-crafted 3D models to conceptualize a building. Now, AR and VR are taking that one step further by providing the data needed to see how progress on a building project is moving along in real time. And this is just one of the many ways in which contractors can harness the power of this technology for their businesses—the opportunities are endless!

Automation and robotics

Soon construction workers won’t have to worry about being in harm’s way at work, thanks to automation and robotics. These systems can monitor and inspect worksites, getting into nooks and crannies that are dangerous for people to access. For example, a drone can get higher without the risk to safety that a person takes on by climbing on scaffolding.

As a premier general contractor in Southern California, it’s our job to stay informed about new trends in construction technology in San Diego County, CA. Embracing the latest in construction technology allows us to better serve our clients and community. At Sumac Construction, our methods and our open book policy guarantee satisfaction. Don’t waste your time with other contractors that can’t provide the same level of quality or service. Contact us today.

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