Employee Job Satisfaction

It is no secret that the construction industry has a high turnover rate. Having employees who are satisfied with both their job and their employer is necessary to maintaining a strong, cohesive team that stays together. The satisfaction level of an employee has a great influence on the success of a company. How is a culture implemented to ensure skilled workers want to continue adding value to a company through their expertise and hard work?

In order to understand employee satisfaction, SUMAC Construction took time to analyze some of the most important factors that lead to happiness. Of course, we take a personalized approach with our custom home building team in San Diego County, CA, but an overall framework helps guide us in our goal to make sure each member experiences satisfaction in their respective position.

Important factors that contribute to employee satisfaction

The factors we’ve determined have the greatest impact on employee satisfaction are as follows:

  • Safety
  • Working conditions
  • Concern for employees
  • Wages
  • Social relationships
  • Opportunities
  • Clear communication from management

After understanding these factors, the next step is to attach company standards to each one.

Our approach

Since the early days, SUMAC Construction has placed heavy importance on safety. We recognized that both safety and working conditions are a prerequisite for a happy and a healthy work environment.

What does it look like for an employer to have concern for an employee? Because of our main ideal of family, an atmosphere is created where any employee can talk to management about anything that is affecting their quality of work. This can be a difference of opinion between colleagues or something more personal, like health problems. SUMAC Construction has trained its management to be able to effectively work with any employee within the organization to reach a solution that benefits all parties.

Additionally, all the hard work completed in San Diego County by the luxury home builders at SUMAC Construction is fairly compensated. A more important concept to be understood is that our employees are all treated as equals, regardless of wages.

Many studies have shown that social relationships are the most important factor for job satisfaction to exist. This value of equality contributes to our success in having great social relationships from the ground up. Whether you are a general laborer or the CEO, you are treated with the highest level of respect.

Growth within the industry is also encouraged. If an employee wants to learn new skills, SUMAC Construction affords him/her with the resources necessary to expand their expertise. Growth and opportunity is a big part of how we created a great work environment.

Finally, clear communication is an integral part of a cohesive unit. Our regular meetings and open-door policy assure everyone experiences clarity of goals as well as expectations.

SUMAC Construction understands what it takes for its employees to experience satisfaction with their job. As luxury home builders in San Diego County, CA, we have a low turnover rate compared to the industry standard. That directly correlates to our desire for employee satisfaction—satisfied employees create a greater quality of work. Our clients directly benefit from the steps we’ve taken to attain a happy work environment for everyone.

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