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Across the country, contractors and homeowners alike are discovering a surprising lack of skilled labor when the need arises. This worker shortage has hit several industries, but few have felt the pinch quite like the construction industry. That dearth of reliable help can make managing subcontractors in construction in San Diego County, CA a challenge.

The rising problem

Across the country, a shocking number of construction professionals—a whopping 93 percent—report having trouble locating and hiring skilled labor. The chief reason for that shortage is the retirement problem. Thanks in part to the younger generation’s belief that a four-year university degree is more valuable than entering a skilled trade, the workforce in the construction sector is slowly shrinking as the older generation reaches retirement age.

In short, there aren’t enough young people entering the construction industry to fill the gaps created as veteran contractors hang up their hard hats. The result is a workforce that is either sparsely populated or under-skilled.

How can the construction industry carry on?

Until the broader construction industry can recruit new labor and train the generation currently entering the workforce, there are some stopgap measures that contractors can take to account for the lack of qualified employees:

  • Labor automation eliminates the need for workers. That said, the implementation of automation is costly and requires a smaller staff with a completely different skill set.
  • Temporary workers can be acquired to help out with specific tasks on a job site.
  • Overtime can be paid out to your workers to compensate for the labor shortage.

Far and away, however, the smartest move to make is to enlist the help of a knowledgeable subcontractor. Indeed, most professionals find managing subcontractors in construction in San Diego County, CA to be a preferable choice to any alternative.

Reasons to choose a subcontractor

The reasons to go with an experienced subcontractor are numerous:

  • If you’ve taken on a job that’s just a bit too large for your current resources, the addition of a subcontractor can cover a lot of gaps.
  • Training temp workers and making overtime payments can quickly eat up valuable time and resources. Meanwhile, the help of a knowledgeable subcontractor can lead to tasks being accomplished rapidly and efficiently.
  • Subcontractors can lend your team expertise that didn’t exist before. A qualified subcontractor can deliver masterful service without the added cost of hiring a full-time employee.
  • A subcontractor will gladly take on tasks that would otherwise distract or divert your current employees from the jobs they’ve been assigned to do.

Those are just a handful of the reasons why a talented subcontractor can turn a potential calamity into a job you can be proud of.

Don’t let a labor shortage stop your project in its tracks

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